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Canada Edibles Pricing Guide

Canada Edibles Pricing Guide

Whether you don’t enjoy smoking or want a stronger way to consume cannabis, marijuana edibles are one of the most exciting products available. These are cannabis-infused edible products which can come in all kinds of forms, including gummies, chocolates, brownies, cookies, and a lot more. You can even get cannabis-infused drinks which give you the […]

Cooking With Cannabis – How Do Edibles Work?

Cooking With Cannabis

If you want a new way to try cannabis that lasts longer, gives you stronger effects, and makes for an enjoyable method, then you might want to try cooking with cannabis. If you have the time, it’s fairly easy to cook your own cannabis edibles using nothing but some basic kitchen equipment and whichever strain […]

A Guide to Marijuana Beverages

Guide to Marijuana Beverages

Marijuana edibles aren’t just limited to gummies, cookies, and chocolate. In fact, you can also enjoy the effects of THC and CBD with marijuana beverages. Not to be confused with tinctures, these liquid marijuana products come in the form of tea, cocoa, and all kinds of other drinks packed with cannabinoids. Like edibles, these work […]

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