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Alcohol or Marijuana: Which is More Dangerous?

Alcohol vs Marijuana

While they’re two vastly different substances, alcohol and marijuana are two of the most commonly used drugs in the world today. Marijuana was often seen as dangerous due to its illegal status, but with countries like America and Canada moving more towards legalization, attitudes have warmed up. Meanwhile, while alcohol has been widely available for […]

8 Best Indica Strains for PTSD

Indica Strains for PTSD

Despite some of the negative propaganda, marijuana can actually have great benefits for your mental health. A 2018 study found using cannabis can effectively reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. There’s also a lot of evidence to show cannabinoids help with various forms of anxiety, including PTSD. If you’re looking to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety […]

How to understand CBD and THC ratios

Nowadays, consuming marijuana is not only knowing the name of the strain you’re buying, it also means to understand their components and what they can cause in your body. To start that process, is necessary to understand the difference between CBD and THC. What’s the difference between CBD and THC? Marijuana has more than 100 […]

10 Best Sativa Strains for Athletes

10 Best Sativa Strains for Athletes

If you like to run, cycle, hike or take part in any other physical activity when high, you might want to check out the best sativa strains for athletes. Sativa marijuana strains have a few benefits for those who are physically active. For one, they’ll give you the mental boost and energy you need to […]