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Weedsmarts Guide to Hash

Weedsmarts Guide to Hash

Hash is a popular cannabis concentrate with high levels of THC. Concentrates provide a good alternative to regular cannabis strains. Cannabis concentrates are made by extracting the most potent parts of marijuana and separating them from the plant matter to create condensed THC products in various forms. While there are other options such as shatter, […]

10 interesting facts about Marijuana

Marijuana, weed, bud, dank , ganja, “medical marijuana” — whatever you call your friendly neighborhood cannabis, it’s actually got a stranger and longer history than you likely knew. Its public image nowadays may be all glitter bongs and pot-smoking patron saint Disney kids like Miley Cyrus (with an occasional assist from Snoop Dogg), but it’s […]

Dabbing: What It Is and How To Do It

dabbing guide

Dabbing involves inhaling potent cannabis concentrates through a dabbing rig. Due to the high THC content of dabs, this can get even experienced cannabis users extremely high. The process might seem a little off-putting to some, but for others, it provides an interesting way to get the maximum effects of cannabis, and in particular, THC. […]