Canadian Federal Health Regulator Gets Tough on Cannabis Edibles

Health Canada, the country’s federal health regulator, is recently keeping in check some cannabis companies that, as it alleges, sell inaccurately categorized products that surpassed the imposed limit of 10 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for single packages of cannabis edibles.

The health regulator added that it is calling the attention of those companies and working with them to sort out cannabis regulation compliance issues.

Health Canada mentioned that it has coordinated with manufacturers of some chewable extracts and lozenges and issued them a request to “stop sale” since those product packages contain over 100 mg of THC but are still under the “extracts” product category.

According to the federal regulator, a few such products must be under the “edibles” classification and not surpass 10 mg of THC for each package.

The Government of Canada made such an effort to bring a loophole to an end, which some cannabis manufacturers have been taking advantage of in selling quasi-edibles under the guise of extracts.

Such a loophole has enabled cannabis producers to provide packages that contain over 10 mg, which is alarmingly past the ten-milligram THC threshold for parcels of edibles.

Specifically, there is a 1,000-milligram cap for THC in a single cannabis product package. The cap applies to most products categorized as extracts under the cannabis regulations of Canada.

The Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Regulations, as Health Canada said, have been implemented for public health and safety risk mitigation concerning edible cannabis. The federal health regulator stated that nonconforming cannabis edibles did not fulfill the controls in the Act and Regulations.

Although the Government of Canada has already sent its “stop sale” request letters to numerous license holders calling for a voluntary halt to selling edible cannabis products, Health Canada kept quiet on the figures regarding the affected products and companies included in the cannabis edibles crackdown.

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