Best weed drinks

Nowadays in Canada, because the recent marijuana legalization, there’s a lot of buzz around the cannabis-infused beverages. Previously we have explained a little about CBD water, but this is not the only cannabis-infused beverage we can find, luckily, the options are expanding every day with both new companies and traditional beverages companies.   Growing business […]

How to understand CBD and THC ratios

Nowadays, consuming marijuana is not only knowing the name of the strain you’re buying, it also means to understand their components and what they can cause in your body. To start that process, is necessary to understand the difference between CBD and THC. What’s the difference between CBD and THC? Marijuana has more than 100 […]

2018 Top shatter strains of the year

This year meant a significant improvement for marijuana market, it also meant the expansion of offer and related products. Marijuana is not only the flower you smoke, this plant is so generous that you can also get other products dependending on your needs ant taste. If you don’t know the difference between kief, wax, hash […]

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