Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Indica

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Indica

Whether you are new to cannabis or an experienced user of marijuana, it can be helpful to learn more about Cannabis indica. This is one of the two major categories of cannabis that you will find, with the other being Cannabis sativa. There is also a third, Cannabis ruderalis, but you are unlikely to come […]

Cannabis Ruderalis: What Is It and How Is It Different from Sativa or Indica?

Cannabis Ruderalis

In discussions about cannabis, most people focus on indica, sativa, or hybrids. However, there is another type of cannabis, Cannabis ruderalis. You are less likely to find ruderalis in your local dispensary or available from an online retailer since few people choose to consume it. Instead, it is more commonly used as a parent strain […]

Indica or Sativa? That is the Question

Some cannabis consumers don’t know the first thing about the strains that exist or what their individual effects are, nor do they care, so long as they get high. But it pays to know what you’re buying, and how it might affect you, especially if you depend on cannabis for its medicinal qualities or you […]

Edibles: What You Need To Know About This Booming Cannabis Product Type

Cannabis edibles are THC-infused products that can easily be taken in a person’s daily life. There are plenty of different edibles for nearly every taste and there are even gluten-free options. Edibles are much more appealing to specific cannabis consumers as they do not come with a smell that can be easily recognized. Smoking cannabis […]

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