Reward Program 2017-12-19T07:52:06+00:00

Hi Weed Smart customers, we have created a new reward program system.  We wanted to create a system where our customers can gain as much as they can by using us for their source of medical purchases.  We want to show you guys that we appreciate you!


How to Collect Points :

  • Subscribe to Us & Receive 100 Points

  • Purchases of Flower Products Only
    This Excludes Edibles & Concentrates.
    Receive 1 point for every dollar that is spent on flower purchases

  • Write a Review (5 Points)

  • Christmas Promo

    For one day only! We are doubling your points for every dollar spent!

Redeem Points for :

  • After 2000 points, receive $100 off your purchase

  • Trade points for gifts ( gift page coming soon )

Tracking Your Points :

  • Your points will be displayed on your account page

  • Sorry you will not receive points if you are not a member
    Please sign up to be an active member to receive points from the products you buy!