What Beginners Should Know About Marijuana Strains

You should expect different effects from different cannabis strains. For one, there are varieties that bring down fatigue. Meanwhile, others are known to induce relaxation. In part, this is happening because of the medicinal effects of marijuana. Research studies are showing that cannabis may help with medical conditions that range from chronic pain to epilepsy to anxiety.

However, it is wrong to assume that all cannabis strains are the same. Don’t worry; we are here to walk you through what makes them so different.

Marijuana is typically divided into three categories: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Indica refers to the category that comes from the Hindu Kush mountains in India. In general, this type is associated with relaxation and soothing effects. On the other hand, Sativa is known for its more energizing effects. As you might have guessed, hybrid strains are a combination.

Confident Cannabis head Amos Elberg, however, says that it is time to reconsider these categories. In fact, he goes as far as to say that these are essentially meaningless terms. According to him, they do not notice any identifiable characters consistent within these categories when they get tested by partner labs. Their chemical makeup has no significant differences.

In any case, there is no need to feel alarmed if you experience a soothing effect after taking a supposedly energizing sativa. The same goes for an Indica strain that turns you excitable and bubbly. Dispensaries also like to divide cannabis types into strains, which are basically various cannabis breeds. They are often bred to induce certain effects. This method is often more useful when it comes to categorization than Sativa, indica, and hybrid.

Seeds sold under one name are not always identical or even related. There are producers that choose a name for the sake of branding. In their opinion, these products match the characteristics expected from them by the market.

On the bright side, it is not a lost cause. After all, there is still great consistency among products that have been sold under particular strain names. Elberg said that the less common strain names are often quite consistent. However, it is another case altogether when it comes to common names as they have a wide variety of products sold under that name. Regardless, you can expect generally consistent products when you get them from a reliable source.

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